Daily Schedules

Alki Beach Academy Parent Handbook 2019

Little Ballerina

Hours: 6:30am – 6:00pm, Monday through Friday

Hours as of September 2019: 7:00am – 6:00pm, Monday through Friday

Admission For Care

To reduce the normal separation fear a child may have when entering a new environment, we ask that you bring your child(ren) to visit the center prior to their first day of care. It will be necessary for the parent(s) to fill out and return the following forms before the first day of care:

  1. Registration Paperwork
  2. Certificate of Immunization Status (Shot Record) or Waiver
  3. USDA Income Eligibility Application
  4. Payment/Service Contract
  5. Annual Registration Fee

Unless prior arrangements have been made with Alki Beach Academy, families who remove their children from care for a period of three months or more will need to fill out and return a new set of these forms in order to re-register.

Upon registering, there will be a 2-week transition and review period for the child, their parents or guardians, and the center. We offer this transition period to ensure that all parties are satisfied and all expectations have been met.

Your Child’s First Day

Please bring the following items labeled with your child’s name on their first day:

Alki Beach Academy will provide wipes, blankets, and sheets.

Arrival at the Center

When you arrive at the center each day, you must follow these steps:

  1. Arrive no later than 9:30am each day
  2. Sign in your child or children on the sign-in/out sheets in the lobby
  3. Wash your own and your child’s or children’s hands prior to entering the classroom
  4. Escort your child or children to their classroom(s) and put their belongings in their designated cubbies
  5. Make the teacher aware of your child’s or children’s arrival


We believe in happy, healthy children! Our goal is to serve predominantly organic meals that are nourishing, promote brain function, and boost the children’s ability to learn. Our menu choices include naturally sweetened options (i.e. fruit) and all organic milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

Our meal times are:

Breakfast1st — 8:30am 2nd — 9:00am
Lunch1st — 11:30am 2nd — 12:00pm
Snack1st — 2:15pm 2nd — 3:15pm
Final Snack5:15pm

Your child must arrive by their meal time in order to be fed breakfast. All children will be served everything on the menu. If they choose not to eat a certain item, that will be their choice. We will do our best to encourage the children to taste each item they are served. We ask that you do not bring your child into the center with food in hand (i.e. fast food, chips, and cookies). This is not fair to the other children in the classroom.

Food Allergies, Dietary Needs, and Other Restrictions

If your child has a valid food allergy or intolerance, you will be required to have your child’s doctor fill out a Report of Food Allergy/Intolerance form. We must have this form in your child’s file at the time of enrollment. If your child may not consume a certain food because of religious reasons, then you will need to give us a list of foods that your child can have in place of the item(s). We will then make a substitution during that meal. For any other dietary needs or restrictions, please let the Director know. Bringing food for your child’s consumption is an acceptable alternative to school provided lunches.

Items from Home

All children need to have a change of clothes in their cubby at all times. If we do not have any extra clothing for your child to wear, we will call you at work to bring a change of clothing. You must provide formula, baby food, pacifiers, or diapers/pull-ups if needed. Items such as candy, junk food, and toys should be left at home at all times. We will provide blankets, sheets, baby bottles (unless you choose to bring your own), and baby wipes. If you choose to bring your child’s own blanket, you will need to take it home every Friday to be washed and then return it on Monday or allow us to wash it. All items need to be labeled with your child’s name. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Holiday and Birthday Celebrations

We are open to celebrating all holidays and birthdays. If at any time you do not want your child to participate in an activity, please inform us as soon as possible. We will plan a different activity for your child during that time.

In recognition of federal holidays, Alki Beach Academy will be closed:

For any other closures (i.e. weather), families will be notified as soon as possible.

Parent/Staff Communication

Please feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher on a daily basis in order to find out how your child’s day has been. If at any time a staff member has a concern regarding your child’s behavior then they will inform the Director, who will speak the parents. We have an open-door policy and would like our parents and children to feel welcome in our program. If at any time you have a question or concern, please see the Director.

Departure from the Center

When you depart from the center each day, you must follow these steps:

  1. Pick up no later than 10 hours after drop-off time
  2. Sign out your child or children on the sign-in/out sheets in the lobby
  3. Wash your hands prior to entering the classroom or playground
  4. Make the teacher aware of your child or children’s departure.
  5. Escort your child from the classroom or playground to your vehicle. Never leave your child unattended — especially in the parking lot!

Children will not be released to anyone who does not have written consent from the custodial parent(s) or guardian(s). The person must be over the age of 18 and present valid photo ID. A copy will be made of the photo ID to keep on file for future reference. In case of emergency, consent can be provided over the phone.

If the person picking up a child appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we cannot legally stop them from leaving with the child, however, 9-1-1 will be notified and the person will be reported to the authorities. Alki Beach Academy is not liable for children once they have left our property with an authorized person.

Termination of Care

If the client(s) choose to terminate enrollment, they must give 2-week written notice to the Alki Beach Academy Director. The client is responsible for all tuition due through the date of notice. If Alki Beach Academy chooses to terminate care of the child, the client will be given a notice of immediate termination. The client will be responsible for all tuition due through the date of termination.

Payment Procedures

Upon registration, a $100 registration fee is added to the first tuition payment. Following enrollment, all tuition payments are due by the 5th of each month in advance. On the 6th, a $10 late fee will be charged and your childcare will be postponed until full payment is received — unless prior arrangements have been made. All families are required to sign the supplementary payment contract.

For children who are left in care longer than the allotted 10 hours per day — or if a child is left in care beyond close of business, the client will be charged a fee of $1 per minute.


If a child is absent for any reason, including illness and appointments, the Director must be notified as soon as possible. If absent due to illness, please note the illness (if known) and any symptoms so employees and other families can assess other children. There will be no reductions in tuition for missed days.

If your child shows any of the following symptoms prior to arriving at Alki Beach Academy — or is sent home with any of the following symptoms — they are required to stay home for 24 hours after symptoms stop (unless a doctor provides a note clearing them to return to care):

Medication Policy

Medication must be accompanied by a completed authorization form, labeled with the child’s name, in it’s original container, and unexpired. Medication will only be administered in accordance with the label or physician instructions (if applicable). For some medications, a doctor’s note is required to determine dosage for children younger than 24 months — if this is the case, one will be required prior to administration.


In the event of a life-threatening emergency, Alki Beach Academy will assign an employee to remain with the child while another requests emergency medical services. Once medical services are dispatched, parents will be notified of the situation. A report will be completed and signed by all parties and filed with the children’s other documents. In the event of minor injury, a report will be completed by Alki Beach Academy for parent(s) to receive at pick-up. If large bruises or marks are present, the Director may call the parent(s) and notify them immediately.

Guidance Policy

We strive to create an interesting and exciting environment in which your child can grow. We aim to guide children’s behavior to help them gain control of themselves and appropriately interact with others. Occasionally, we may need to correct a child for inappropriate behavior. We use guidance techniques that are age appropriate, fair, consistent, and positive. We do not administer cruel, unusual, hazardous, frightening, or humiliating discipline. We use methods such as redirecting, problem solving, and understanding to correct child behavior. Alki Beach Academy does not utilize “Time Outs” and will not be utilizing that as a guidance to correct behavior.

When a child is out of control (i.e. kicking, hitting, biting, or screaming) they will be removed from the classroom with employee supervision until they have calmed down. If the child continues to disrupt the entire classroom after they have been returned to the classroom, the Director may call a parent or guardian.

There are children who need more than we can provide. If we feel that the child’s behavior is a safety issue, we will inform the parent(s) or guardian(s) to find a way to work with the child. If we continue to have problems, we can access our resources through the Seattle-King County Health Department. We will take the following steps when a child’s discipline becomes an issue:

  1. Conference between the Director, teacher, and child
  2. Conference between the Director and parent/guardian
  3. Parent signature of Health Department screening form and conference with Nurse Consultant — followed by a screening to determine necessary accommodations
  4. Termination of child care; Director and Owner reserves the right to terminate care due to unresolved grievances

Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Abuse and neglect is recognized as a serious threat to the lives of children. As childcare professionals, it is mandatory that we report suspected child abuse. Staff will document and report any signs of physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, and neglect. If an Alki Beach Academy employee uses any physical force with a child, they will be immediately terminated and a report will be filed with Child Protective Services.

Field Trips

All field trips will be planned in advance. For special field trips, Alki Beach Academy will provide a permission slip specifying date, departure and return times, location, and mode of transportation. Nature walks and trips to nearby parks will be conducted according to ongoing consent. If field trip destinations are not within walking distance, public transportation will be used. If you do not sign the form, or fail to return a signed form, your child will be left at Alki Beach Academy in the care of another classroom.

Non-Discrimination Policy

In recruitment, hiring, enrollment, and behavior towards individuals, Alki Beach Academy will not discriminate against anyone because of race, creed, sex, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion age, national origin, or ability. We will make all reasonable accommodations for physical and mental disabilities for all children enrolled or seeking enrollment.

Emergency and Disaster Response

The main office keeps all emergency and disaster response policies on file in the office for review by parents and employees, including; missing child/kidnapping, mandatory reporting, fire, earthquake, flood, power outage, bomb threat, storms, lockdown, shelter-in-place, and evacuation.

If an emergency or disaster forces us to evacuate the building and leave the program site, our planned off-site location is:

Delridge Fire Station #36
3600 23rd Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Pesticides Policy

We have a record of the Department of Agriculture requirements on file, including the following:

DisposalCommercial application
Record keepingStorage
Child care center requirements

Alki Beach Academy will notify all families 48 hours in advance of any pesticide spraying.

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